Vision, Mission, and Approach

Children’s Opportunity Foundation (COF) is a faith based Non-profit organization, dedicated to providing advocacy, care, and training for the families and children we serve.

The Vision of COF is to see strong families build strong communities in the surrounding areas. 

The Mission of COF is to make a difference one child/family at a time.

The Approach of COF is to A.C.T (to advocate, care, and train) the at-risk children and their caregivers in their time of crisis.  


"The more we grow in our understanding of the best care practices of at risk kids and orphan care we realize how much we need God’s grace to do this right."

Gene and Cheryl Witte (COF Co-Directors)


Our Story


Children’s Opportunity was incorporated as a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit, dedicated to meeting the needs of at-risk kids internationally and partnered with Bethesda Children’s Home in India.


Bethesda Children’s Home opened its doors to 5 orphan children.


Children’s Opportunity led its first team trip to India.


We collaborated with Safe Families for Children and began working on providing assistance to vulnerable kids locally.


Construction began on two homes with the goal of offering family based care for children in India. We collaborated with staff working with national volunteers.


We collaborated with Back2Back ministries deepening the impact of holistic care to the children we serve.


We collaborated with Lifeline Ministries and Project 1:27.